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69, 70


... is a novel about a couple who, refusing to be merely one, or two, struggles to escape the dictate of number. Ignoring the threat of isolation, they avoid being counted or placed into hierarchies in terms of gender, nation, or religion, but resort to dialogue, sex, and eccentricity in order to grow and redefine themselves. In constructing their identities they shun the ready-made paradigms of the society, risk becoming unrecognizable and, consequently, anonymous. Instead of accepting responsibility for space and permanence, they assume responsibility for time and change. In this process, the stories of the people they meet and people they try to connect to become their story. Inasmuch as the ideas we wanted to express in this novel are experimental, 69, 70 is also an experiment in form, designed to accommodate our particular notions of character and narration. In the novel we present the idea that, through communication, freedom of others becomes not a limit, but an extension of an individual's freedom...


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