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69, 70

published by Brown Paper Publishing in December 2010, two parts of the novel appeared in the May and July issues of Predicate, to find out more follow the link or simply follow the link to find out more





utjeha juznih mora

(south seas' comfort)

a collection of short stories, almost all of them previously published in literary journals here, there & everywhere (Croatian only)

mr. & mrs. hide

published by Spineless Books of Urbana, IL  while waiting for those copies you ordered for yourself, your partner, your friends, your mom, your cat, and your favorite Hollywood celebrity, learn how to get to the sample chapters and a short film inspired by the novel

gdje se noga... 

(where one leg...)

second novel, published in 2003. here in its electronic entirety (Croatian only)

about us/o nama


raj (paradise)

our fist novel, published in 2001. now you can read it online too (Croatian only)


 the belt


the content below the belt is no longer regularly updated but can offer a bit of information to the inquisitive and a bit of fun to the easily amused:


anything that didn't fit anywhere else, some links, and some things we did a while ago



to take you places


admit two

online magazine of collaborative writing, now in the process of being transformed into a biannual anthology of new collaborative literature, as publishing moguls (or moghouls) we are currently taking a sabbatical, but will be back at a particular, historically poignant moment


neo pepper press

a micro-press persevering against all odds, all activities suspended until further notice (yet we continue to persevere)


ponovno otkrivanje amerike (rediscovery of america)

a few articles we did for an independent news portal, few interviews in English too



an experimental fictional diptych, read it online, or order a copy from our fine little press


a novel in the making, find out how to get involved because without you it probably won't see the light of day. why?

follow the link... apparently suspended indefinitely, or maybe just rendered obsolete by the fact that people send each other less and less postcards (and are real particular about giving their address to strangers)


brain charity

few hints on how to cut down on TV



for now mostly links to magazines they appeared in

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