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Mr. & Mrs. Hide


...  a portrait of a total relationship approached from both male and female point of view. One could say that it's a love story, but since some find it too avant-garde, it has to be an avant-garde love story (didn't think those existed, did you). It is also an account of a search for identity in Los Angeles, a city with an identity disorder, where emotionally desolate urban landscape provides the perfect setting for an impossible attempt of facing reality.



Nasia and Oren are new in Los Angeles. Thatís good isnít it, everybody wants to be new in LA, Ďcause, whatís the alternative, to be old? Only the two of them donít find itís such a great asset. The fact they live right across the Paramount Studios doesnít mean anything because they donít want to make movies. Come to think of it, theyíre not quite sure what they want to make, but thatís not stopping them. While everybody else usually has no one to turn to and has to take a desperate dive into the pool of humanity, Nasia and Oren have each other. In fact, their relationship is the only real thing they brought along. This turns out to be the problem, because neither of them is strong enough, and two "not strong enough" people leaning on each other donít promise a very stable edifice. Their almost clinic dedication to each other brings to surface all the issues of growing up, searching for oneís identity, facing the challenges of "real life", and distinguishing between the myriad of representations of that "real life". The city itself is no help at all, but thatís only to be expected, because in LA everybodyís eternally young, beautiful, rich, doing something on the side just to pass the time before fame and fortune come knocking. But the actual city is bleak, sun-stained, empty, emotionally and physically. In relation to Nasia and Oren it functions as a third character, the ultimate antagonist; in comparison to the two of them the city is jealous and alone.                


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