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a micro-venue working against all limitations

all activities suspended until such time when they will be resumed once again



And Also a Fountain by James Belflower, Anne Heide, & J. Michael Martinez


A Series /A Sequence by Dirk Stratton                               
Origami Shipwreck by Craig Perez & Katy Acheson

Part,  Part Euphrates by Arpine Konyalian Grenier


Dead Aria by William Gillespie
Welcome Home by Samuel Wharton
Here, Hunger by Sarah Lilius & Erin M. Bertram
Without Weight of Light by Guy Bennett

Facial Geometry by Neil de la Flor, Maureen Seaton & Kristine Snodgrass

                                                                    SOLD OUT! but available as a free PDF



Celia Lisset's review of Part,  Part Euphrates in Jacket 35

Samuel Wharton interviewed by Kathleen Rooney for Ploughshares blog 06/04/07

 Terese Swoboda's review of Facial Geometry in DIAGRAM 7.2